Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stetson’s 9 Months Old


We decided to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. Stetson loved going on a walk in the stroller.



Stetson’s first day of Chemo was on the 20th of June. He handled it pretty good considering what he was having to go through. Stetson’s nausea actually got better while he was doing chemo since they started him on nausea meds. It was a little difficult at first since we had to rotate 3 different meds Zofran, Benadryl, and Ativan  every 2 hours around the clock for this poor little guy. Mommy had to get used to giving meds through the feeding tube around the clock. It was defiantly hard but it was so worth it if Stetson could actually feel better for once instead of throwing up all the time. Don’t get me wrong he still got very very sick but he was a least able to hold some of his food down instead of just throwing it up right after it hit his tummy. Stetson was such a trooper and fighter.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

When our whole life changed forever…..(Part 2)


We were all in the ER room trying to realize what had just happened moments before. It really felt like a dream. Stetson was in so much pain and it was hard to bare, At this moment Mom, Dad and I were calling all the family we could think of to let know of the news and what the plan was. By this time it was about pretty late. Dusty was trying to hold Stetson to make him as comfortable as possible even though we knew that nothing would help him at this time for the splitting headache and pressure on his head that he had to bare. It was so hard to tell everyone the news of our precious baby boy and not really knowing what was going to be happening in the future. All the family was very supportive and was praying their little hearts out for us and Stetson. Once they finalized everything we went from the ER to the NICU. The plan was that Stetson would be going in for Surgery to remove the tumor on Saturday morning the 17th of May. We got to the room and I was still trying to keep my emotions under control. I just wanted to take the pain away from Stetson. I kept beating myself up that I’m his mom and I should of known what was wrong with him a lot sooner and got him to the doctor faster. They kept telling me that I got him in at the best time and that it wasn’t my fault and I needed to focus on what to do next.. It was so crazy how many people we had in and out of his room. They told us that they were going to give him some medication to help with the pain and try to make him a little more comfortable. They gave him some Tylenol and Morphine. Mom & dad left and said that they would be back later that morning. Within 15 minutes or so Stetson was a lot more like himself. He was sitting in is crib with help of course playing with everything he could find. He was making noises, smiling, laughing and acting totally like our little healthy boy. Little did we know that was going to be the last time for awhile. After about an hour later Stetson was back in pain again and was crying, fussy and couldn’t get comfortable. Dusty and I would take turns standing and holding him upright with his head on our shoulders. He didn’t like laying down because that just put more pressure on his head. We were able to finally sit down in the rocker with him upright and rock him. I just kept telling him that it was going to be okay and that in a few hours he wasn’t going to be in pain anymore. I kept reassuring him that we loved him with all our heart and that we were not leaving him. Stetson has always loved music so we were singing every song that we could think of. Stetson favorites are the itsy bitys spider , the wheels on the bus, and I love you a bushel and a peck. The next few hours were so long. I just kept thinking of what the day was going to be like. Knowing that my baby was going for major surgery in a few hours. All I wanted to do was hold Stetson with dear life and not let go. At 5:15am they came in and said that it’s time to get ready to go. They were going to sedate him and take him to MRI and have a scan done before surgery so that they could get a pretty good idea about the tumor and then do a scan without the tumor so that they knew what it should look like once the tumor was removed so the doctors would know what to go by doing surgery. When they were getting ready to sedate him they asked us to leave. We were able to be outside the room with the door open. It was so hard to hear him crying because there were a lot of doctors/nurses around him and he was scared since he couldn’t see us and he didn’t know who they were. Thank goodness I was outside the room cause I know I would of pushed them out of the way with him crying the way he was. It didn’t take very long and it is was all over. We were able to come back in the room and he looked so peaceful but he also looked kind of lifeless which I was not use to seeing. We were able to walk him down to MRI and say are goodbyes until we would see him before surgery. It took them like 2 hours or longer to do the MRI. After then we met with his nero/surg doctor which was Dr. Bollo. He was very nice but to the point. We were able to see the MRI pictures which were hard to see. To look at his little skull and see this big tumor in it. I asked him to explain how big the tumor was and reference  it with something that I would understand. He told us that it was the size of a tangerine. Once I heard that I lost it. I was crying out of control again. His tumor was very defined and was not intertwined with anything that they could see which made us feel better but to still know that this tumor was in his little head giving him so much pain was just so hard. Dr. Bollo told us that it was going to take probably 10 hours for his surgery and that they wanted to take there time and do everything right.  I realized then that we were going to have to be patient and let them do there job and pray that our sons life would be in good hands. He proceed to say that they would call us every few hours to let us know how the surgery was going. He also told us that he has seen this type of tumor in a lot of babies Stetson age or younger. So it wasn’t something out of the ordinary. He told us that once the tumor was removed Stetson would have to do other treatments to prevent it from coming back. I didn’t want to believe him and kept having faith that everything was going to be fine after surgery with no further treatments needed. We talked to Dr. Bollo a little longer with any other question we had and shook his hand and he was off to get ready for the surgery. We then were taken to the Operating Room to see Stetson one last time and talk to the anesthesiologist. That was a very long walk and lots of emotions and thoughts running through our heads. Once we got to the Operating Room area we met the anesthesiologist and he told us that Stetson was in good hands. He said that he came in to work that day just for Stetson’s surgery and that he was going to be there the whole time making sure that everything was going just the way they wanted. That made Dusty and I feel so special that Stetson had such a good team that cared about him and wanted this surgery to be a success. Stetson finally arrived and it was the hardest thing to see him lying on the bed lifeless and know what was to come in just a few short minutes. I kept praying to my Heavenly Father to protect my son and to have him have peace during the surgery. We could also feel so many guardian angels around us at that moment in time. We gave Stetson hugs and kisses and told him to keep fighting and that we would be here when he was done with surgery. I can not express in words what it was like watching my baby be wheeled away from me and that I couldn’t do anything about it. I wanted to be right there holding his hand and telling him it was going to be alright and that we loved him very much. I have never felt so helpless in my life. It took Dusty and I awhile to get back up to NICU to Stetson’s room were we decided we would wait. It was so hard to pick up my feet and walk which seemed like a marathon to get to the room. Once we got there I just kept praying that my Heavenly Father would let our precious little miracle stay here on earth with us and that he would be able to be healthy and have a normal life. Dusty and I sat in the room crying and talking to my parents and saying little prayers together, and in our hearts every sec we could. The minutes seemed like hours and the hours seemed like eternity.. They were pretty good at calling our cell phones every few hours to let us know how the progress was going. Every time they said that things were going good and that Stetson was doing just fine. I kept thinking that during the surgery Stetson was going back and forth between heaven and earth. That he was looking at us from above trying to give us comfort that he was fine and not to worry. We tried to relax, take a nap, watch TV, play on our phones and reading uplifting text messages or posts on FaceBook in our behalf and for Stetson. I really think that is what kept me from going crazy was to read everything that everyone was writing and to know that Stetson had a lot of prayers coming his way. On one of the phone calls they said that it was taking them a lot longer then they regionally thought cause they couldn’t find out what exactly Stetson’s tumor was.. They said that every time that they took a piece and looked at it under the microscope it showed something that they hadn’t seen before. At that moment I thought that the results kept changing because of all the prayers and blessing that were for Stetson and the surgery teams behalf. I know that miracles can happen and at the moment I thought that was a miracle. After it seemed like an eternity Dr. Bollo came in the room and told us that the surgery went well and that Stetson would be coming up in a few short minutes. He also told us that he was 99.9% sure that he was able to remove all of the tumor from Stetson’s Brain. But that Stetson would be having another MRI the next morning to make sure that he was correct. At that moment I was so happy to hear that he was finally totally free from that horrible tumor that was giving him so much pain and that he could finally be at peace. They also let us know that Stetson would still have the breathing tube in for the next day or so and that they put in a drain that would drain the fluid from Stetson Brain and relief the pressure that he was feeling.  They were going to need him to be sedated for the MRI in the morning and that the breathing tube would help them with that and help  him with pain management from the surgery. It made me a little nervous but I was really excited to finally see my son again and know with my own eyes that he was okay and that the surgery was successful. We could not hold in our emotions when we finally saw Stetson wheeled into the room. He looked like our little boy with his big brown eyes wide open and kicking his feet and moving his arms. I could not believe that he was so active after having a major surgery  and not just a major surgery but surgery that involved his brain. Dusty and I realized that Stetson was not like any ordinary baby he was special and the strongest baby ever. He was definitely a miracle and we got to witness it first hand and an even better blessing is that we got to call him our son. It was very hard for me not to be able to hold him and give him snuggles because of all the equipment he was on but to see him alive and well was the most important thing at that moment that really mattered. That night we all slept with peace knowing Stetson was right next to us and he was finally without pain and could rest peacefully….

The next day Stetson had his MRI and did great. They said all looked good still and now it was just time for him to recover and heal. Stetson had a small drain in his head to drain the fluid off and around his brain. That helped relieve the pressure. Once Stetson was stable enough we were able to be moved out of ICU and move to the floor. We got moved to the 4 floor the infant unit. It was a little hard to get used to since now we had to share rooms. We met a very nice family though so it was all worth it. That night was rough. Stetson kept having poopy diapers that were really dark and didn’t smell very good. I felt so bad for him. As the night went on and into the early morning I was thinking something wasn’t going right. I got his nurse and they started evaluating him and trying to figure out what was wrong. Stetson was really white and was pretty much life less. They did a couple of tests and decide it was time for us to go back to the ICU and Stetson was going to have a scope done to see where he was bleeding from. My heart sank again. Why was my poor  little boy having to go through so much. They ended up giving him a blood transfusion and were able to pin point were the bleed was coming from. Stetson had what they called cushion ulcers that he had developed since the brain tumor put so much stress onto his poor little body. They were able to cauterized them which stopped the bleeding. We were so glad to hear that. Stetson was brought back to the ICU and had a breathing tube back in. I hated seeing him like that but knew that it would help him with the pain he must of been feeling at that time. The next morning they pulled the breathing tube and said they were planning on us moving back to the infant unit later that day. Stetson seemed to be doing okay but he started looking really pale again. I kept asking the nurse and doctors and they didn’t seem to concerned about it. Stetson was still  having bloody diapers but they said that it was normal since his stomach was really full of blood from the night before and that it had to run through his system. They ended up moving us to the 4th floor and little did we know we would be back in ICU a few short  hours later. Stetson was bleeding out of control again and was really pale. They ended up giving him another blood transfusion and rushed him off to surgery to stop the bleeding. They ended up sewing up a blood vessel that was causing the bleeding. By this time Dusty and I were so shot and just wanted our poor little baby to final have a break to heal from all that he was having to endure. When surgery was done they brought Stetson back to the ICU with out the breathing tube. I was so relieved to see him with out that in. I could finally just hold and snuggle him. After that things started going better and Stetson started progressing and healing. Each day they would move the drain up to see if Stetson was able to handle the pressure. He was doing so well with it. We ended up staying about 10 days in the hospital before Stetson was released to go home. On May 28th they were able to tell us what the tumor results were… They told us that Stetson’s tumor was cancerous and that he was going to have to undergo chemotherapy and Radiation for 9 months to a year. It was a lot to take in.. Here we were trying to figure this all out with taking Stetson home which  I was a little nervous since he was still throwing up a lot and was coming home with a NG feeding tube. Which I really had no clue what I was doing or how to take care of him with his new needs. Stetson was on continuous feeds 24 hours a day which I felt so horrible about but knew that was the only way he was going to get the nutrition he needed at this time. And then still in the back of my head thinking of what is to come… My 9 month old baby has brain cancer called Medulloblastoma and has to go through chemotherapy and Radiation how are were going to over come this?????

Once we got home it took awhile to get used to all the new things that we were going through and experiencing as a family. It was so heartbreaking to see Stetson so sick and pretty much starting over from scratch. We weren't  home for very long before we knew something wasn't right with Stetson. We noticed that were his drain had been was all bubbled up and Stetson was throwing up even more then usual and his eyes were more crossed then before. We ended up taking him back to Primary Children’s which it was a good thing we did since he was building pressure again on his poor little brain. They ended up doing surgery the next day and put a shunt in that Stetson will have to have the rest of his life. It was so nice to know that now we had that problem fixed and Stetson could  finally start recuperating from everything and start getting ready for his next Step in treatment… CHEMOTHERAPY AND RADATION AND HOW ARE LIVES WOULD DEFANTILY BE DIFFERENT FOREVER…….


May 17th right after having his tumor removed….


First time being able to hold Stetson after having surgery May 18th


May 21st…. Resting comfortably


Stetson’s incision were his tumor was….


May 28th playing with his toys in the hospital



June 4th the day after having surgery to have his Shunt placed….



June 4th being able to go home in his cute scrubs….

Sunday, July 20, 2014

When our whole life changed forever…… (Part One)


So the week of Mother’s Day Stetson was just your average healthy little 8 month old. On Tuesday May 5,14 Stetson woke up happy as come be and was just going on with our day as usual. Stetson did seem a little off that day but we knew he was teething so we didn’t think anything of it. He threw up a little that day but it wasn’t very much. The next day Stetson was totally fine so we just thought he might of had a 24 hour bug. Thursday May 8 ,14 I had hair appointments scheduled. So Nicole (Dusty’s sister) watched him for me so I could go to work. Stetson seemed like he wasn’t feeling that well but he eat his Oatmeal and fruit and was drinking his milk just fine. So I thought it would be okay to still plan on Stetson going to Nicole’s. While Nicole was watching him Stetson threw up a couple times and just wanted to be held. Nicole was such a lifesaver that day to take care of him and cuddle him as much as he wanted. Nicole dropped Stetson off with me at the salon while I finished up with my last client. I had decided with how Stetson was acting that I was going to take him into the doctor. By the time I got off work it was to late to take him to his Pediatrician so I took him to Insta Care. After waiting for 2 1/2 hours the doctor decided that he had an ear Infection. So we got the antibiotics and went home. I thought that it was weird for him to have vomiting with an ear infection but I thought well the doctor knows what they are doing. Stetson and I were planning on going to Cache Valley for Mother’s Day weekend but with him being sick I wasn’t sure if I wanted to chance it. The doctor said that Stetson would be fine and to have a good Mother’s Day. So Friday May 9,14 we got ready to go. Thank goodness Dusty was off that day to help me with Stetson. He was still so sick throwing up and didn’t want to be put down. So it took me twice as long to get ready. We were finally on our way. The drive was nice and he slept pretty much the whole way. We did a little shopping with Mom, Kathryn and the kids and then we met dad at one of my favorite places to eat. Stetson was still not feeling very well but had not thrown up since that morning. Saturday May 10,14 Stetson was doing better it seemed. No vomiting.. We went to the parade for Health Day’s and then went back to mom & dad’s for a while. Stetson started not doing well and was very sick. We got his vomiting under control so we went to Kathryn’s house and then walked to the park for the rest of the activities. Afterwards we went back to Kathryn’s to get ready for the BBQ. The rest of the day/night was pretty rough. Stetson was so sick and couldn’t keep anything down. It was so heart breaking to see him so sick.. and not know how to help him. We were able to watch the city Fireworks from Kathryn house which was really fun. I think Stetson enjoyed them to keep his mind off of him not feeling good for a few minutes. On Mother’s Day the 11th we were getting ready to go to church and I got him all dresses in his cute suit and he got sick again.. By this time I was getting very worried about him not sure what was causing it. Dad and I ended up staying home while the rest of the family went to church. We had a family dinner after church at Mom & dad’s. Stetson started doing better slowly as the day went on but was very tired. The rest of Mother’s Day we just hung out at the house and took at little walk to get some fresh air. Monday the 12th was the day we were heading back home to Roosevelt. Stetson was doing better just vomiting a little bit once in a while which was nice. I was thinking that the ear infection was finally getting better. We did a little more shopping that I needed to do and then we were on our way home. Stetson did amazing and was feeling really good the rest of the night. The next day Tuesday Stetson was doing lots better and was eating pretty much normally again. So I thought we are finally on the upside of things. Little did I know that things were going to  changed quickly. On Wednesday we on the the 14th now Stetson woke up vomiting again. I said enough is enough and called his pediatrician right then and there and told them that Stetson was super super sick and needed to be seen today. They were able to get us right in which was a relief. We went in and Dr. Beales his doctor examined him and couldn’t find anything really wrong. He thought that his ears were still a little red. So he thought it might be the ear infection still. He decided to order some blood work. The blood work results said that his blood counts were a little low to fight infection and that he was pretty dehydrated which didn’t surprise us since he had been very very sick for days. So the plan was to do IV fluids and IV antibiotic's for the next 3 days and then come back to see Dr. Beales on the 3 day after fluids to see if Stetson was doing better.


We ended up going to the ER for the fluids. Once we got home he wanted to snuggle up on the couch with daddy and fell asleep sucking on his thumb.


The next couple of days Stetson was getting a lot worse and not better. I was getting so frustrated because everything we were trying was not working and it was killing me not knowing what was making my baby so sick. I just felt so helpless but tried my best to make Stetson as comfortable as possible. On Friday the 16th we went and did IV Fluids and then went right to Dr. Beales office to figure out what was wrong with Stetson. He did another exam on him and thought that it was his stomach so we went to down to radiology to have an ultrasound done of his stomach. Everything came back fine which was nice in some ways but not in others since we still didn’t know why.. He wanted to do  more tests but they needed Stetson to drink a chalky liquid which was pretty much impossible because Stetson wouldn’t really drink much from his bottle. He would take 2 sucks and was done. We all decided that it was best to take Stetson out to Salt Lake to Primary Children’s Hospital to hopefully figure things out. Stetson and I left the hospital and went home to get things packed and ready to go. Vicki stopped by and I told her what was going on. She helped take care of Stetson while I packed up the car and trying to remember everything that we might need. Stetson was pretty uncomfortable and didn’t want to eat anything. Every time we tried he would push it away it got so bad that he threw it across the room. We knew that something wasn’t right and Stetson need to get some help to figure out what was wrong. We got on the road and met Dusty in Duchesne to say goodbye. He was on his way to Price with a load of oil for Basin Western. He told us he was going to try and come that way once he got home from Price. Once we said our goodbyes Stetson and I were off to Salt Lake. The drive was good Stetson slept and didn’t throw up at all. Once we got to Primary Children’s we had to go to the ER. Dr. Beales had called ahead of time to let them know that we were coming and what was going on. We really didn’t have to wait to long in the waiting room to get back into a room which surprised me. Once we got to the room the doctors came in and started asking all types of question to find out about Stetson’s background. Mom & dad came down and made it a short time later. It was so nice to have them there for support and help to try and keep Stetson as calm as possible. They did all types of test x-rays of his stomach, urine test to see if he had a urinary tract infection, blood work ect. Everything came back negative which was puzzling us all. Another Doctor came in and started asking a lot of different questions. She wanted to know Stetson‘s background when he started getting sick ect. She also asked me if Stetson was able to sit on the floor by himself and play with toys for 20 minutes or more. I told her that he could sit but not for 20 minutes. She then said show me. I was like he can’t he’s to weak. She made me do it anyways. I tell you what that was the hardest thing to make Stetson sit and watch him tip over instantly. It broke my heart to see that he couldn’t even sit up. She also asked if he was crawling yet. I said no but he is pivoting but not doing the army crawl or anything like that. Then she said how long has your son’s eye’s been cross eyed. I told her he wasn’t. She then showed me and I realized that something was seriously wrong with Stetson. They told me they wanted to do a CT scan of his head. I kept telling mom & dad I didn’t know why they wanted to do that since Stetson had never been dropped or banged his head at all. So I didn’t know why they wanted to check. Stetson and I went and got the CT scan. Stetson did amazing. I was really surprised that he held really still through the whole thing. Then we went back to the room and waited and waited and waited. Finally one of the nurses came in and I asked when we would know the results. She told us that they needed to talk to the radiologist to confirm the result. Right then and there I knew that they had found something on the scan but I didn’t know what. By this time I was nervous and scared and felt bad for Stetson since he was going down hill fast. After waiting for awhile a doctor finally came in but one that I had never seen before. He started asking me the same questions that the other doctor had been moments before the scan. He finally came out with that they had found something and that it wasn’t very good. He then told us that they found mass(tumor) on the back of Stetson’s brain. When I heard those words my whole world shattered. I started crying out of control and held Stetson with dear life. They told me that it was pretty big and asked if I wanted to know. I said No that I really didn’t  want to know what was pretty much killing my baby. My phone started ringing and I noticed that it was Dusty. He had told me that he would call me when I had made it to the hospital. I had to find the strength to tell Dusty the terrifying news that I had just heard. It was the hardest thing to have those words come out of my mouth that are perfect 8 1/2 month old baby has a brain tumor. We both were totally hit with a ton of bricks. At that moment I really felt like I was dying. I told my mom & dad that my nightmare had come true and that a few days before Stetson even got sick I had a dream that Stetson got sick and I took him to Primary Children’s and they found this brain tumor. The dream was exactly to the tee of how it happened in really life. I remember waking up terrified and crying realizing a few minutes later that it was only a dream. Not realizing about a week later it was exactly going to be reality. After a few moments I went and meet Dusty outside the ER and we just held each other and cried. We both just realized that our life’s had changed forever in a split second and we didn’t know what the future was to become… To Be Cont…  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stetson’s 8 Months Old…….




Look at that big smile. What a joy he is….


Stetson’s First Parade over Mother’s Day weekend. We  went to Cache Valley for Mother’s Day and went to Health Day’s Celebration in Smithfield. It was fun to be with family and to do some fun activities.



Stetson being cute as always even though he wasn’t feeling very well. IMG_0649

I’m wanting to make these cute little felt flower bracelets to sell. Stetson makes a good model. I think it turned out way cute. Hope to have some done soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stetson’s 7 Months Old…..




We have a sitter. Stetson sitting and playing with his toys. This is a rare picture for him to sit and play. He usually likes to roller around or play while standing or in his excersaucer.

IMG_0481  IMG_0474

We brought Stetson his own swing that can be indoors or outdoors. He has such a blast in it. Best investment ever..


Another walk adventure with the cool dude sunglasses.


Stetson finally got 2 bottom teeth at the same time.. We were so excited.. ( April 14, 2014)


Cute little Easter clips & headband for Kimmy and Mel. I’m loving making these with my machine. So much fun and so adorable too.


So for Easter I made Stetson this adorable Onesie Vest with Bow Tie. It took me a little while and some messing around with a couple different patterns and meshing them together but in the end it turned out to be one of the cutest outfits I have ever seen.


Stetson loved playing in a basket full of Easter Eggs. I think it was all the bright colors. What a way fun activity.



Once I got Stetson’s outfit done I decided to do a mini photo shoot. All of the pictures turned out so cute. Stetson was such a trooper and was the most adorable baby for Easter.





A couple days before Easter Stetson wasn’t feeling very well so I took him into the doctor and they found an Ear Infection. I was so sad that Stetson was going to be sick over Easter but he was pretty happy all in all. He got a lot of fun toys, books, and clothes. I also decided last minute to make him a cute stuffed animal peep with his name on it. I sure love having the embroidery machine for last minute project.



This little guy thought it would be more fun to play with his carrots instead of eating them. We sure of lots of fun when it eating time…..

Stetson’s 6 Months Old…..



Wow I can’t believe that we are half way there.. Another 6 Months and my baby will be 1 years old. Can we just slow time down.. He is getting big way to fast.


I walked out of the room for a minute and when I came back Stetson had pulled his pants off and was chewing on them. Those darn teeth must be bother him. Stetson is so funny he would rather chew on his clothes, socks, and wash cloths other then teething toys. At least he always has something to chew on.


We took Stetson to the indoor swimming pool in Vernal. He loved it. Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…

IMG_0405 IMG_0407

We took a walk in the stroller for the first time without the car seat. Stetson had a blast just looking around at nature. It was pretty cool that day so we were all bundled up but it was so nice to get out.

IMG_0398 IMG_0411 

Brittany my sister in law and I have also been crazy busy with making these adorable felties with my embroidery machine. She always has the cutest ideas to try. She also has been using them for her headband business. So adorable go check her at on Facebook @ Peony and Plum she is also on Instagram @ shoppeonyandplum.


Stetson just being cute as always. I love being home and having as much mommy and Stetson time as possible.

IMG_0423 - Copy IMG_0429 

Stetson and I took a few hours one after noon and went to the park in Myton. That was his very first time in a swing. He had so much fun.. He also fell asleep but I think he wore himself out with how fun it was. My little Sweet pea.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stetson’s 5 Months Old….




Stetson loves tummy time and kicking his feet like crazy. Man we love this little man..


Stetson ate solids for the first time on Feb.7th 2014. He loved Squash. He is defiantly my vegetable machine.



Stetson and I took a trip to Cache Valley for a visit and an early birthday for me. It was so fun spending time with everyone. Also it was a much needed girl time with my sisters and mom. Man I wish we were closer. Aunt Mille loves spending time with Stetson and Canyon. This picture is so adorable..


Stetson also got very spoiled on our visit. Look how cute he in those sun glasses and how handsome he is for church. He is loving sitting in the bumbo. He also has a sense of humor like his daddy.. Got to love the tongue.



First time in the tub seat.. Greatest thing ever. Stetson loves splashing with his hands and feet. Got to love all the water on the floor lol…  Aunt Kathryn was sweet enough to let us borrow it.